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Your new favorite hot dog is made in Ohio with ethically raised beef and an aspiration to exalt the iconic tube meat.



Wolf Boy Provisions wants to change the way you look at hot dogs (not the 'hell yeah slightly charred, little more mustard please' way, but the 'all hot dogs are made equal with junk ingredients' way). In the midst of a food revolution in which many Americans are taking a closer look at where their food comes from, the humble hot dog still tends to be subdued to the category of 'once junk, always junk'.

We're here to make your new favorite hot dog: flavor that puts the rest to shame, and a responsible alternative to its mass-produced, mystery meat counterpart. 

  • Made with ethically raised beef.
  • Garlic and onion are freshly roasted, and spices are toasted and ground for each batch.
  • No artificial flavors or colors are added at any time.
  • Cured with celery juice powder - which contains naturally occurring nitrates - instead of the pink curing salt typically used in hot dogs.

We strive to offer a hot dog that you can feel good about eating and sharing. Join the party, light the grill, and help spread the word!

I would never buy a gas station steak - I get the best I can.
So why would I buy hot dogs made from actual garbage?
— Genius Customer, farmers market 2015

the team



Matt has been a professional chef for over 10 years, and has worked in some of Cleveland's finest kitchens. Wolf Boy sprang from his affinity for sausage making and charcuterie, and his desire to take a well-loved, iconic American food and not just make it less horrifying, but truly superb. When he's not slinging tube meats, Matt can be found growing vegetables, teaching kids about all sorts of stuff, making snacks for his wife, and wrestling with Wolf Boy's mascot, Rutabaga.


Emily is a lifelong-vegetarian-turned-mostly-vegetarian that wouldn't have her kale-covered hands (that doesn't even make sense) in this Wolf Boy business if she didn't truly believe in the integrity of the product and the importance of supporting farms that put ethics first. Emily enjoys snacks, music, forests, and beer.