Tips and best practices for preparing your bona fide hot dogs. Ideas for how to dress and serve them.


preparation tips

It's not rocket science [sidebar: if you're a NASA astronaut reading this in hopes of taking our hot dogs to outer space, CALL US]. However, here are a few tips from our Grill Master (Dad) to ensure that your hot dogs turn out just right.

  • Take it a little slower and lower. Since we use turbinado ['raw'] sugar, our hot dogs brown on the outside a little more quickly than your standard rubbery junk dog. This is totally fine - it's just the sugar caramelizing - but we recommend medium heat.
  • Cook until just heated through. Our dogs are hot-smoked and therefore fully cooked, so no need to worry about internal temp.
  • Don't overcook, or leave them on the heat forever after they've cooked - they lose moisture this way. #nohotdogleftbehind
  • A cast iron pan is our favorite way to cook hot dogs indoors. 
  • Unopened packages of hot dogs can be kept in your fridge for up to a month, or freezer for up to 6 months. Once open, use 'em within a week.

topping ideas

Coming Soon!